The Cook, Writer, Photographer and Occasional Dish Scrubber.

Daria is the type of woman where if you so innocently ask her the difference between a nectarine and a peach, she’ll go on for fifteen minutes before coming up for air and you will be already on your next tweet. It has taken a few years now, but she has realized that some people might just forgive her for her culinary foodie blabbering and perhaps, even come back for a little more.

Her current iteration of “career” revolves around marketing and design. But ultimately, the best and most desired gig of Daria’s would be to wake up, and cook or bake whatever her heart desires. In due time my friends… A girl has got to dream. But for now, we must rev the engines, and keep up with bills fixing succotash and cake in between.

Daria likes charred brussel sprouts, raspberries, funky cheese and casseroles with silly names. She is appalled there are real cooks out there that “clean as they go”, preferring to leave a Gretal trail of dusted flour and buttered fingerprints along her kitchen and camera screen.

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